Monthly Archives: October 2010

weapons of mass production

I’ve moved house. I’m planting already, just by the back door. raspberry canes and strawberries surplus from the gardens, mints from Mt Tomah and onions from Rob. At the bottom of the garden where nothing yet grows, two new fruit trees, Coe’s Plum and a Damson. The strip infront of the fence looked sad. I weeded. As I did so, it struck me. There’s a nature strip on the other side of the path. Its grass. hmmm. only one thing for it. time for some guerilla gardening. Should I relocate the plums or buy more trees?

Inspiration today, comes from this lady in Paris.

Update: 4/11/2010 -A few days after writing these posts I discovered a nicely kept traffic calming food plot. If food was all so abundant in our neighbourhoods, the traffic would indeed be much calmer, and we would be on a road to recovery.

Street food